Analysis of quaternary ammonium salt disinfectant

Quaternary ammonium salt, English name quaternary-N . A compound formed by substituting four hydrogen atoms in an ammonium ion with a hydrocarbon group, the formula R4NX , wherein the four hydrocarbon groups R may be the same or different. X is mostly a halogen anion (F , Cl , Br , I) or an acid group (such as HSO4 , RCOO, etc.).
Physical properties
The quaternary ammonium salt is similar in nature to the inorganic salt, is readily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is electrically conductive. It is mainly prepared by reacting ammonia or an amine with an alkyl halide, for example:

Many of the quaternary ammonium salts present in nature have certain biological activities, and some of the quaternary ammonium salts can be used as a phase transfer catalyst in medicines, pesticides, and chemical reactions. For example , chlormequat [ (CH3)3NCH2CH2Cl ] Cl is a plant growth regulator, and benzyltriethylammonium chloride and tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate are excellent phase transfer catalysts. In the phase transfer catalysis reaction, the quaternary ammonium salt can form an ion pair with the nucleophilic reagent in the aqueous phase to enter the organic phase, thereby accelerating the reaction rate, reducing side reactions and increasing the yield.

CPVC Resin made by polyvinyl chloride( PVC) resin chlorinated modified system. Appearance is white or light yellow, tasteless, non-toxic loose grain or powder.


I. Widely used range---Vicat Softening Point than PVC increases by 40℃, one of polymer can be used in high temperature and high pressure for long time;

II. Mechanics performance---tensile strength than PVC increases by 50%, 1 time increases than ABS resin, PP resin, CPVC could still maintain in a strong rigidity, fully meet at this temperature to the requirements of the equipment and pipeline especially close to 100℃;

III. Chemical corrosion resistance---CPVC not only has chemical corrosion resistance in room temperature, but also has good acid and alkali resistance at higher temperature, far better than PVC and other resin, it can replace the traditional material to handle corrosive substance;

IV. Good fire-resistance---CPVC with good self-extinguishing feature, the limiting oxygen index is 60, no form drop, limit flame spread and smoke generation;

V. Low co-efficient of heat conductivity---the heat conductivity of CPVC is 0.105KW/(mk), the CPVC heat-resisting pipes are with less heat loss and the heat insulating layer is unnecessary;

VI. The CPVC will not be affected by the chlorine left in water--Polyolefin Material( such as PP/PE) will decompose when they meet the chlorine left in the water, will not have crack or drip;

VII. The bacteria will not easy to breed---because the CPVC pipe will not be affected by the chlorine left in water, and also can resist the common sterilization chemicals;

VIII. It's same with PVC when processing---the processing way of CPVC finished products is same with PVC product, it's very easy and convenient.

CPVC Resin

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