Analysis: Consumption Psychology in Small-sized Units and Strategies for Counter-measures

The plan to build 36 million sets of affordable housing within five years will surely further reduce the size of China's housing units. China’s housing prices have skyrocketed in recent years. The previous two-bedroom homes can be more than 100 square meters, and now they have retreated back to 70-80 square meters or even 80-square-meter three-bedroom homes. The head of furniture of Ao Dai furniture said: "The house type has begun to reduce again, and our home window and door company must change with it."

How do the window and door companies rationalize their layout with the consumer psychology of small-sized apartment owners? The following nine positive building materials network Xiaobian combined with the views of the industry for you to analyze the consumer psychology of small families and door companies to cope with the policy.

Consumers will be more concerned about the color of the optional doors and windows enterprises for product design should be inclined to consumers, so that consumers actively participate in the design of products to create products that meet market demand.

Consumers are not concerned with style, but the smaller the size of the house, the higher the demand for doors and windows. Consumers want more space in a limited room - not too large doors and windows, coffee tables have drawers, wardrobes have drawers, the more drawers, the more powerful the storage function is, the smaller they are, the more they like. In this regard, doors and windows companies should introduce products suitable for small-sized units. In recent years, space-saving sliding doors, sliding doors, shrink doors and other products have been widely welcomed by the market.

Size Customizability Small-sized units all value space utilization, but custom doors, windows, and furniture are expensive, so he hopes to be able to buy practical products that can meet the space utilization rate of 100%.

Furniture in the age of security room favors the Internet channel At present, there are a lot of doors and windows companies that have begun to set foot in the Internet industry. As one of the most successful representatives, TATA Wooden Doors provides a reference model for the Internet path of door companies.