An overview of the latest surface treatment technologies and their future trends

1 Introduction

New surface functional coating technology, including low temperature chemical surface coating technology and ultra-deep surface modification technology, which uses physical, chemical or physical chemical techniques to change the "surface and structure of materials and their parts", its characteristics It is the most active technical field in manufacturing and materials disciplines, and it is the surface technology that maintains the inherent characteristics of the matrix material and imparts various properties required for surface modification to meet the special requirements of materials in various technologies and service environments. Interdisciplinary with coating technology. Its greatest advantage is that it can produce a surface layer with excellent performance that is difficult or even impossible to obtain with minimal material and energy consumption, thereby achieving maximum economic benefits. It is a high-quality and efficient surface modification and coating. technology. High quality, efficient surface modification and coating technology with a wide range of properties: thermal chemistry

Surface technology; physical vapor deposition; chemical vapor deposition; physical chemical vapor deposition; high energy plasma coating technology; diamond film coating; multi-layer composite coating technology; surface modification and coating performance prediction and tailoring technology Performance testing and life assessment, etc. The new low-temperature chemical vapor deposition technology introduces plasma enhancement technology to lower the temperature to below 600 degrees, and obtains a new process of hard wear-resistant coating. The high-strength, high-performance coating process is produced at high speed and heavy load. It has a special role in the difficult processing field. Ultra-deep surface modification technology can be applied to most heat treatment parts and surface treatment parts, which can replace high frequency quenching, carbonitriding, ion nitriding and other processes to obtain deeper layers and higher wear resistance. A dramatic increase in life span can lead to breakthrough functional changes.

2 Status quo and domestic and international development trends

With the development of basic industries and high-tech products, the demand for high-quality, high-efficiency surface modification and coating technology extends in depth, and at home and abroad in the field and related disciplines promote each other, such as "thermochemical surface modification" "," high-energy plasma surface coating", "diamond film coating technology" and "surface modification and coating process simulation and performance prediction" have made breakthroughs.

2.1 Current status and development trend of thermochemical surface modification technology

In recent years, foreign countries have paid attention to the research on technologies such as carburizing and carbonitriding under controlled atmosphere conditions and vacuum conditions, and have achieved industrialization. However, there are few applications in China, and related technical research work is not enough. Controlled atmosphere carburizing and vacuum carburizing technology is a significant shortening of the production cycle, energy saving, time saving, and at the same time can improve the quality of the workpiece, no oxidation, no decarburization, to ensure the surface corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance of the parts, and reduce the processing after heat treatment Balance and cleaning hours.

At present, the research results of carbon potential control and monitoring, seepage layer control and other aspects have been applied to actual production, and online dynamic control is carried out by computer.

2.2 Status and development trend of PVD, CVD and PCVD technologies

Various vapor depositions are challenging research topics that are currently being developed by world-renowned research institutions and universities. Recently, the technology is widely used in the manufacturing of information, computers, semiconductors, optical instruments and other industries, electronic components, optoelectronic devices, solar cells, and sensor devices. In the mechanical industry, hard wear-resistant coatings and corrosion-resistant coatings are produced. There are also many researches and applications in thermal barrier coating and solid lubrication coating. The popularization of coating tools such as TiNi has caused a revolution in the field of cutting. The research on diamond film and cubic boron nitride film is also very hot. Advance to the practical aspects.

On the basis of different PVD and CVD processes, through the development and integration of many new processes and equipment, such as IBAD, PCVD and hollow cathode multi-arc composite ion plating equipment, ion implantation and oil sputtering or evaporation composite device, plasma Body immersion ion implantation devices and the like continue to push this type of technology to new heights.

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