American scientists believe that aliens or mysterious jellyfish floating in the air

American scientists believe that aliens or mysterious jellyfish floating in the air

According to the British Daily Mail, forgetting the traditional alien image of the little green man in science fiction movies may not be true for real aliens. A few days ago, a senior American space scientist said that aliens may look like giant jellyfish with orange lower abdomen.

According to Maggie Aderin-Pocock, a US satellite expert and government advisor, it is probable that real aliens are not the green guys in Hollywood sci-fi movies that people usually think of. They are probably Jellyfish of the size of a football field, including the shape of an onion head, orange lower abdomen or buttocks.

This jellyfish alien is not derived from carbon, as we know it, but from silicon, which absorbs light through the skin and devours chemicals through its large mouth. Other characteristics of this extraterrestrial are: "talking" through pulsed light.

Although they may be similar to Mercury, they do not live in the ocean but live in a planet-like atmosphere like Jupiter, which floats in the air. Their orange lower body acts as a disguise, allowing them to escape the predators in the hot atmosphere, while the appendages like onions serve as buoyant bursa, and inhaling and exhaling can make them rise like hot air balloons or lower the altitude.

Most of Maggie’s aliens were inspired by the strange life recently discovered in the deep sea. She described her understanding of aliens on the Eden TV Channel Science Monthly. She said: “Our imagination is seen by us. Things are naturally constrained; at the same time, commonsense knowledge holds that life needs water and is based on carbon, but some researchers are doing exciting work, thinking that silicon-based life has evolved from other very similar The planetary environment of the planet. I think aliens are non-human, and silicon-based life looks more like a jellyfish than a small green man in a science fiction movie."

However, even if such giant jellyfish aliens exist, we rarely have the opportunity to have close contact with them. Dr. Magi, a senior scientist at Astrim Space, pointed out that although there are billions of planets in our galaxy, few planets support life, let alone planets with alien bases. Even if alien life forms can evolve, they are unlikely to be smart enough to communicate with people. Ultimately, if humans come into contact with aliens, their probability is very low.

She said: "If we think that intelligent aliens exist only in the era of Earth dinosaurs, this is not good news for us. If there are 4 intelligent aliens in the Galaxy, it will mean that they will interact with Earth. Humanity has a superposition of communications in space and time. Even so, space communications are still a big challenge.” For example: The “Voyager 1” spacecraft has been launched since 1977 and sent greetings from Earth’s humans when it reaches the edge of the solar system. .

A previous survey of public opinion from the United Kingdom showed that nearly half of British residents believe that there are small green people. This public opinion test was conducted by the Royal Society of the United Kingdom on more than 2,000 volunteers. 44% of those surveyed thought that there was a mysterious extraterrestrial life outside the Earth.

The exploration of scientific research unknown to mankind has not stopped. More than one-third of the respondents said that we should actively search for aliens and try to contact aliens.

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