Aluminum powder coating leveling factor optimum process parameters

The leveling properties of powder coatings are affected by the leveling aids, the structure of the film-forming resin and the curing mechanism. Improve the leveling effect of powder coatings. In production applications, appropriate leveling aids are often used. Low melting viscosity resin systems are used to increase the surface tension of the coating. The coating curing temperature is increased, the curing time is prolonged, and the coating thickness is increased. , to reduce the particle size of powder particles and other measures.

However, the mechanism of the leveling property of powder coatings is relatively complex, and there are also many factors that affect the leveling property of the coating. Some factors are mutually contradictory and mutually restrictive. It is necessary to consider comprehensively. On the basis of ensuring the mechanical properties of the coating film, the flow can be obtained as much as possible. Excellent coating performance.

Researchers analyzed the factors affecting the leveling properties of powder coatings from the aspects of resins, leveling agents, degassing agents, pigments, and particle size. Combining with the actual production, taking aluminum powder coating material A9016SF75 as an example, the better process parameters of aluminum powder coating leveling are proposed: the glass transition temperature (Tg) of polyester resin is 50-65°C, and the dosage of acrylic ester leveling agent is 1.0%. -1.3%, benzoic acid leveling agent dosage 0.6%, powder particle size 20 ~ 80μm, curing temperature 200 °C, curing time 20min, this condition can greatly reduce the powder coating paint pinhole, orange peel, shrinkage and other shortcomings Occurs to obtain an ideal smooth and smooth film.