Advantages and prices of plasterboard

Gypsum board is a common decoration material. It is low in price and practical. It is very popular among consumers. For us ordinary people, the knowledge of gypsum board is lacking, and the understanding is insufficient, so we are very It is easy to be deceived and fall into the price trap. Therefore, it is very necessary for the majority of friends to familiarize themselves with and master some knowledge of gypsum board. The following small series introduces the advantages and prices of gypsum board. I hope that I can help you in your future purchases.

Advantages of plasterboard

The gypsum board has the characteristics of light weight, moisture proof, no deformation, fireproof and flame retardant. The utility model has the advantages of convenient construction, good processing performance, the advantages of sawing, nailing, planing, bonding, etc. The decorative plaster line angle is constructed by using gypsum as a base material, and is matched with reinforcing fibers, adhesives, etc., and is formed by mixing and casting. The surface is smooth, the lines are clear, the scale is stable, the strength is high, the flame retardant, the processability is good, the assembly is simple, the bonding construction is selected, and the construction efficiency is high. It can replace the essential line angle to cooperate with the ceiling of various plaster decorative panels, so that the interior decoration is seamless, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, and the integrity is good. The price of the gypsum board has a lower price and has a good application effect. It has become one of the indispensable supporting materials for the gypsum ceiling decorative board.

There are many kinds of drawings of gypsum ceiling decorative panels, mainly including holes, printing, embossing, sanding, embossing, etc., and users choose according to the application place and personal review. In short, if the gypsum ceiling tile drawing and color are properly selected and properly blended, the decorative effect is generous, beautiful and novel, giving a comfortable and elegant feeling.

Types of plasterboard

Water resistant refractory plasterboard

It is a gypsum board with water resistance and fire resistance. From the outside, it is the same as the water-resistant gypsum board, and many glass fibers can be seen by cutting the core. Its water resistance is the same as that of water-resistant gypsum board, and its fire resistance is equivalent to that of refractory gypsum board.

High-density impact-resistant gypsum board

This kind of gypsum board does not carry out foaming technology at all, greatly increasing the core density, and the thickness of the paper surface is thicker than that of the ordinary gypsum board. It is especially suitable for applications with high impact resistance requirements (such as people flow). Partition walls in public places with high density, hospital walkways, etc.). Due to its high density, this type of board has better sound insulation and fire protection than conventional plasterboard. The gypsum board has a unit area component, a plate of 12.5 mm thick is about 12 kg/m2, and a typical gypsum board is 8-10 kg/m2, and the paper surface is brown.

Sound insulation gypsum board

A paper gypsum board that is specially formulated to improve the sound insulation requirements. The face paper is light blue. Double-sided single-layer 12mm thick partition wall, 40dB sound insulation can be achieved without filling rock wool inside (the same system uses 35-38dB for normal gypsum board).

Gypsum board composite lead plate

It is specially used in radiation rooms, operating rooms, etc. with radiation protection requirements. In the past, the construction of lead plates was first carried out, and then the gypsum board was installed. This type of plate made the two processes complete once, which greatly reduced the construction period.

Anti-steam paper gypsum board

A layer of aluminum foil is attached to the reverse side of the plasterboard. It is used in places where condensed water is present on the reverse side of the gypsum board, such as roofing, air conditioning vents, and linings for insulation inside the walls.

Gypsum board price

A standard size 1200 mm × 2400 mm × 9 mm plasterboard, the price of the ordinary type is about 25-30 yuan, which is cheaper in the decoration materials. For ordinary people, choose the plasterboard. It is still very cost-effective. Of course, the above price is also for reference only. Due to the recent rise in the prices of various raw materials in the building materials market, Xiaobian believes that the price of plasterboard is likely to rise, plus the peak of decoration in summer. The price increase will be very large, so I suggest you make a decision early.

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