7 Feng Shui Passes When Happiness Comes

The door, which is indispensable, must be the only sign that separates the interior from the outside and is the first entrance and throat into the room. Therefore, it is called the “portal”.

The door is both the face of the building and is an independent building. The ancient people remarked that "the house takes the portal as the crown belt." It shows that the gate has the function of displaying the image.

The feng shui theory, however, believes that the door of a house, known as a mouth, has a great influence on feng shui in the home. The portal relates to the family’s good and bad. Therefore, whether it is Yangzhai’s three main points: “Door, Master, and Cooker” or the six things of Yangzhai: “doors, roads, stoves, wells, pits, and toilets” all regard the portal as the first element and the good and bad hub of the whole house.

First, the size of the portal should be appropriate

The size of the portal is very sophisticated and neither too big nor too small.

In feng shui, the small door of the house is known as the “closed air” and the main disease; the small door of the house is known as “discharging” and retreats; the size of the door must be properly configured with the size of the building.

For example, the entrance door is the gateway to the entire home, and the door to enter the home must be larger; the door of the small room must be smaller, for example, the bathroom or kitchen door should be smaller.

Second, the door should open inward

In the process of opening and closing the door, there is an inflow and outflow of air. The feng shui theory believes that home feng shui is suitable for gathering gas, so the gateway should be opened inwards for the entry of good fortune.

Third, the door should not be blocked

The door is the mouth of residential gas and should be clean and bright so as not to hinder the air transport.

Therefore, do not pile up debris at the door to keep the air flow clean and clean; and if you pile up debris, it will easily bring impure gas into your home, affecting the family's fortune.

Fourth, the direction of the door

Feng Shui Theory believes that the direction of opening the door has a lot to do with home feng shui. As far as the direction of opening the door itself is concerned, there is no absolute good or bad. However, the combination of the direction of opening the door and the type of the house has determined the position of good and bad at home, which affects the quality of home feng shui.

Fifth, the number of entrance doors is appropriate

Many units, even some families, open another door in addition to the entrance door to facilitate their own entry and exit. Convenience is convenient, but it has left feng shui hidden dangers.

The feng shui theory believes that multi-portal owners tend to recruit thieves and cause more damage.

VI. Portal feng shui must avoid three situations

The following three kinds of situations will have serious adverse effects on the entire household feng shui, so it is advisable to avoid:

1, relative to the door

The situation where the door is facing the door is called door flush. For example, when the entrance door is facing the bedroom door, the kitchen door, the bathroom door, the storage room door, and the interior door-to-door door, it is easy to cause the right and wrong of the tongue.

2, entrance door and window are facing

The entrance door and the window are facing each other, and the air flow is not swirling in the room. It is directly out of the hall and is called “dangtang” in feng shui. The main money comes to the fortune, does not accumulate wealth, and is easy to break through.

3, entrance door is facing the corridor or passage

The entrance door is facing the corridor or passageway, and its shape is like a sword passing through the house. This type of pattern is called “the heart-sword” in feng shui, which is harmful to the family's fortune, and it is prone to red injury and penalties. .

Seventh, the open door should not see

The following three situations are not conducive to family wealth, so it is best to see it.

1, open the door to see stove

"Yang house integration" cloud: "Open the door to see the stove, money and more consumption." That is, if you get started, you see the stove, and the fire rushes into people, so that the gas cannot enter.

2, open the door to see the toilet

When they entered the door, they saw the toilet. The toilet was the source of filthiness. It was greedy and the gas stopped.

3, open the mirror

As soon as you enter the door, you see a mirror, and the mirror reflects the gas.

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