3 kinds of anti-cancer spicy food

There are some foods that are not pleasing, and the anti-cancer and anti-cancer functions really do. Come and see three kinds of discarded anti-cancer spicy dishes.


Amaranth contains very high vitamins and carotene. These nutrients help to improve vision and relieve eye fatigue. They are very suitable for people who use computers for a long time, and carotene is high to help boost immunity and prevent tumors. Anti-aging is also very beneficial.

The best season for spring leeks is the Spring Festival, because the quality of leeks in the early spring season is the best, followed by the late autumn, the worst in summer, and the cooked leeks overnight should not be eaten.


Shallot also has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. The pectin contained in the shallot can significantly reduce the occurrence of colon cancer, and has an anti-cancer effect. The allicin in the onion can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Shallots are delicious for salads or as a seasoning, but be careful not to fry or fry for too long.


Garlic also has the function of preventing certain cancers. It can inhibit the production of nitramine-producing bacteria in the stomach, reduce the production of nitrosamines, and prevent gastric cancer. According to the survey data, the incidence of gastric cancer is only 1/3 of that in other regions and populations.

For those who have been eating raw garlic for a long time, the content of nitrite, a precursor of the strong carcinogenic nitrosamine in the stomach, is far lower than that of other people, and the bacteria producing nitrosamines are significantly inhibited. Garlic contains sulfonamides that collect heavy metals from human organs and carry them out of the body.

But what if you eat garlic with a heavy tone? It's very simple. It is a good choice to chew tea or have a warm milk after eating. Huacha and Tieguanyin are the most effective.

However, eating garlic also has taboos. People with weak constitution can eat garlic one or two times at a time, otherwise they will get angry. In addition, garlic is best eaten in the morning and at noon, because garlic is more likely to irritate the nose, throat and stomach mucosa during the evening.

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