2014 China Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum Call for Papers

Abstract Member units and industry enterprises: According to the requirements of the General Conference and the Super Association work plan, it is decided by research that the fifth member representative conference will be held in the fall of 2014, the fifth leading body will be elected, and the 2014 China Superhard Materials will be held concurrently. Technology Development Forum (specific...
Member units and industry companies:

According to the requirements of the General Conference and the super-association work plan, it is decided that the fifth member representative conference will be held in the fall of 2014, the fifth leading body will be elected, and the 2014 China Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum will be held concurrently ( specific time and place) Further notice).

2014 is the starting point of the second “fifty years” of China's superhard materials industry. It is also the year of China's development of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. China's superhard materials will continue to play its role as “industrial teeth”. It is difficult for China's and even the global manufacturing industry to recover. In order to promote the technical exchange of the industry, guide the industry to quickly adjust the product structure, vigorously improve the proportion of high-quality and high-priced products, actively develop new products, and accelerate the realization of the great goal of super-hard materials. The conference secretariat has specially collected papers from people in the super-hard materials industry at home and abroad. Welcome to contribute. The paper will be selected for publication (the special draft will be selected in the National Science and Technology and Academic Core Journal "Diamond and Abrasives Engineering"), and the selected authors will make papers and exchanges at the conference. Please write in your busy schedule to care for, support and guide the healthy development of the superhard materials industry.

The relevant papers are as follows:

First, the content of the paper

1. The scope of the paper may be: synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride and micro-powder, polycrystalline, thin (thick) film, PCD, PCBN, nano-diamond and other superhard materials; diamond, cubic boron nitride grinding wheel, honing tool, Diamond saw blades, cutter heads, drill bits, wire saws, diamonds, cubic boron nitride tools and other super-hard materials; various raw and auxiliary materials, various equipment and instruments, theory, test, manufacturing, application, testing, etc. Process, method and review.

2. The review article requires that the scientific and technological achievements obtained in the past five years be the main focus, highlighting the theory of progress, the status quo of the industry, the development direction and its level at the international and domestic levels. Relevant data should be detailed and reliable, and the speculative data should be based on full.

3. The papers for individual research should clarify the conditions of materials, equipment, instruments, etc., and should have relevant data. The conclusions should be clear and have guiding significance for the development of the industry.

Second, the submission requirements

1. All submitted papers should be unpublished or exchanged by the General Assembly.

2. For the format and content of the paper, please refer to the magazine “Diamond and Abrasives Engineering”. The specific requirements are as follows:

(1) Topic: Simple and clear, the content is relevant, the focus is prominent, and the application background is clear;
(2) author, unit, zip code, city;
(3) Abstract: About 250 words, including the purpose, method and conclusion, from which we can see the essence of the research, and the research results are expressed by quantitative data;
(4) Keywords: 3~5;
(5) If the subject is funded, please indicate the name and number of the project;
(6) Author's profile: name, gender, date of birth, professional and technical title, graduate school and major, and current research work;
(7) References: serial number, name, reference article, magazine name, publication year, volume, page number, serial number are marked with the upper corner in the text.

3. Deadline: July 31, 2014. Author, please submit abstracts before June 30, 2014.

4. Once the paper is accepted, the author can obtain a paper certificate from the Secretariat.

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May 7, 2014

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